Occup. Health and Safety Policy

  • In our workplace, we identify injuries and risks that will affect health during all kinds of activities and we take the necessary precautions to minimize the effects.
  • We identify the risk areas with the necessary markings.
  • We monitor and continually improve our business health and safety (OSH) management, performance and effectiveness.
  • We set targets to increase our OHS performance, apply and we control the and effectiveness.
  • We announce the Gündüz Kimya OHS Policy in order to increase the awareness of our employees and our visitors.

Envorimental Policy

  • We do not create environmental pollution during our activities,
  • We provide continuous improvement by disseminating environmental awareness to all our personnel within the company,
  • We work together with our suppliers and customers to increase the sensitivity of the environment,
  • We fulfill our legal obligations and responsibilities related to the environment and other relevant conditions,
  • We use environmentally friendly products,
  • We value recycling